Booking Terms & Conditions

All deposits are ONLY refundable WITHIN the first 7 days of booking. A dated receipt is sent for all deposits and balances received. Once you have received a receipt for your DEPOSIT (or payment in full if booking within the prepayment period) but you do not agree to the booking terms and conditions as set out herein, please contact the Park within 7 days (including Saturday & Sunday) to cancel your holiday and receive a full refund (Including your Deposit). “Time is of the essence”. After the initial 7-day period – deposits are strictly non-refundable.


Touring/Tenting: Earliest arrival/check-in time is 2:00pm. Static Homes: Earliest arrival/check-in time is 3:30pm.

Latest check-in is 8.15pm. If you are going to arrive after 5.30pm, please call us during the office hours of 8.30am – 5.30pm and notify us. If you do not arrive on your due date, or advise us of your intended late arrival, we reserve the right to try to re-let the pitch. You will forfeit your deposit and you will still be liable for the outstanding balance of your booking if we have been unable to re-let it. Should you arrive unexpectedly after 5:30pm and we have re-let your pitch, we will not be under any obligation to find you an alternative pitch or provide a refund. Should you arrive unexpectedly early and your Pitch is ready and not in need of maintenance, we will happily take you to your Pitch before 2:00pm. If it is still occupied, we may be able to offer you an alternative, or find you a parking space until yours becomes free.


Touring/Tenting: Latest departure/check-out time is strictly 12:00 noon. Static Homes: Latest departure/check-out time is 10:30am.

Should you not vacate your pitch by the specified time, a further full pitch fee of £15.00 will be due.

Touring Bookings: (Touring Vans, Motor Caravans and Tents)

Outstanding Touring balances are payable in full and are due 28 clear days before the start of your holiday. No reminder will be sent and once the date has passed your booking will be cancelled with the loss of your deposit. Reinstatement of a cancelled booking will incur a £25.00 surcharge and there is no guarantee that we will have a pitch to offer you. Please diarise this date to avoid any excess charges and/or disappointment.


Only one private vehicle is allowed on each Pitch. Sleeping in passenger cars is not permitted. Commercial vehicles are not accepted however if you have to bring a commercial vehicle to bring your equipment, once unloaded it must be parked in the car park or our storage yard as directed by the Wardens. Converted vehicles that you intend to sleep in must be fit for purpose (minimum of a window and a fixed bed in the accommodation area) and any unsuitable vehicles (at the sole discretion of the duty warden) may be refused entry. If in doubt please telephone in advance to discuss your vehicle prior to your arrival as a refund will not be given if your vehicle is deemed unsuitable and turned away. We do not accept commercial vehicles larger than 1 tonne (panel vans) as we do not have the space to park them.

Touring Cancellation & Refunds

If you have to cancel your booking after the initial 7-day period but more than 14 days before the start of your holiday – notification must be given as soon as possible. We will retain your deposit to offset our administration costs but if you have already paid the balance of your booking we will return the surplus to you after deducting our standard deposit of £50.

If you cancel your booking after the initial 7 days but within 14 days of the start of your holiday you are still liable for the full balance of your booking. If you have not paid the balance we will invoice you for any late cancellation.

The cancellation date will be the day that notification is received – not the day it was sent or dated. All deposits outside the 7-day initial period will be retained by Salcombe Regis Camping & Caravan Park. (Full pitch fees that are less than the standard deposit charge of £50 will be retained in full).

Pitch Allocation:

Whilst we endeavour to allocate the Pitch or Static Caravan of your specified choice (if one has been requested), it cannot be assured and we reserve the right to change the allocation without prior notice and at our sole discretion should we deem it necessary. We will always try to place groups adjacent to each other but this will never be guaranteed.

Pitching Up:

When shown to your pitch, please take note of the instructions given by the Warden. They will point out the nearest Fire Point, Shower Block and pedestrian access points.

We reserve the right to move any oversized tents to an alternative pitch in the interest of FIRE SAFETY.

Subject to prior notice and agreement, Gazebos and Toilet Tents are permissible as a chargeable “extra tent” providing that the pitch size is suitable.

Any tent incorrectly pitched and encroaching their neighbour’s space will be asked to move it. This includes guy ropes and vehicles. IF IN DOUBT – ASK A WARDEN BEFORE SETTING UP.

In the interest of Fire Safety, no accommodation unit is permitted to be closer than 3 metres from its neighbour on the adjoining pitch.

Static Caravan Bookings

Static Caravan Balances are the responsibility of the person whose name was taken at the time of the booking. All balances are due 8 weeks before the first day of your holiday. If we do not receive your payment by the due date we reserve the right to try to re-let the unit and if successful to cancel your booking. We will retain your deposit to offset our administration costs. If we are unable to re-let the unit, the full balance will still be due and we will invoice you accordingly.

Static Caravan Cancellation & Refunds

If you cancel your booking after the initial 7-day period notification must be given as soon as possible. The cancellation will take effect from the day the cancellation notice is received. We will undertake to do our best to re-let the unit.

Please note that if you cancel before paying the balance, YOU ARE STILL LIABLE for the full balance on or before the due date. In all instances, should we re-let the accommodation, you will be reimbursed for the days that we have re-let the unit less the deposit which will be retained by Salcombe Regis Camping & Caravan Park to offset our administration costs. If we are unable to re-let the unit – no refund will be given.

Holiday Cancellation Insurance (Optional)

We strongly recommend that you take out adequate holiday insurance cover as you are still liable to us for the full cost of your holiday (Statics or Touring) should you need to cancel. Providing that your cancellation falls within the conditions of the policy, your out of pocket expenses may be reimbursed. You may already have your preferred insurance broker but we are authorised introducers of “Guest First Insurance”. You can buy your own insurance direct with them online at Alternatively Forms are available upon request, or you can telephone 0845 90 80 101 to organise your own cover. Please quote SAL3 in all correspondence with them.

No refunds are given if your Pitch or Static Caravan is vacated early and before your booked departure date for whatever reason including adverse weather conditions.


We reserve the right to end your holiday early if you or anyone in your party’s (including any visitors) behave in a manner likely to cause damage, distress, danger or annoyance to themselves, other guests, staff or property (ours and neighbouring). No refunds will be made of any monies received if we have to end your holiday early by asking you to leave.


We are a family site and respectfully request that noise is kept to reasonable levels after 8:00pm. We expect the site to be quiet after 11:00pm and before 09:00am the following morning in order to maintain the enjoyment of the site by other guests. Please refrain from shouting/screaming and the playing of loud music after 8:00pm.

Large Groups:

Single sex young groups (3 or more), stag and hen parties and young groups without adult supervision will not be permitted on the park in the interest the safety, welfare and quiet enjoyment of all park visitors. We understand the need for young people to have fun but our expectations regarding our Noise Policy is too much to expect of them.  Responsible family groups, Duke of Edinburgh and School Parties with adequate adult supervision are welcome.


Dogs (except those found on the dangerous dogs list) are most welcome with responsible owners but must be kept on a lead in the main park at all times. Dogs are not permitted (Except guide dogs) within the amenity building or shop whatsoever. Dogs are only allowed off the lead in the dog exercise area where you will find waste bags and bins for your use. Please clean up after your dog. Blatant disregard of this reasonable request may result in you being asked to leave the Park without a refund. Overly vocal or aggressive dogs are not permitted and we reserve the right to ask owners to remove them from the Park without a refund.

Dogs must not be left unattended in your vehicle, tent, caravan, motorhome, campervan or Static Caravan at any time. The RSPCA will be called should this occur.

Customer Vehicles:

All vehicles arriving on the Park must be fit for purpose, roadworthy, fully insured, taxed and only driven by Full Licence Holders. Provisional and unlicensed drivers are not permitted to drive on the Park whatsoever. We do not permit overnight sleeping in passenger cars.

Speed Limit:

In the interest of safety and welfare of everyone on the Park we operate a strict 5MPH speed limit. Children have absolute priority over all vehicles at all times of the day and night. Reckless drivers will be asked to leave the Park immediately and without a refund.

BBQ’s & Grass Care:

We do permit BBQ’s but providing they are clear of the ground by at least 9”. If less than 9” or you are in doubt, ask a Warden for some blocks to avoid burning the grass. Please do not place hot pans or pour hot water or chemicals on the grass, as it will leave a permanent scar for the remainder of the season.

Open Fires/Fire Pits:

In the interest of safety, the risk of burns and the spread of fire to adjoining pitches, open fires (including burning wood on the top of your BBQ) are not permitted at any time. Please do not ignore this polite request, as it will be regarded as a serious breach and you will be asked to leave the Park immediately and without a refund.

Waste and Recycling:

Please dispose of your general household waste at the dedicated recycling points on the Park. Please recycle and separate glass bottles, tins, paper/card and plastics in the marked bins. Bottles must not be put into the general waste container. Please take any large items home with you such as damaged tents, chairs, tables, BBQ’s etc. as we are unable to dispose of these without making a surcharge of £15 per item. We have CCTV covering our waste disposal areas.


Water is a precious and expensive commodity and your Pitch price includes the use of water for domestic consumption, hygiene, cooking and general cleaning only.  It does not include the use of running hosepipes or buckets for the washing of caravans, motorhomes, campervans, vans, cars, motorcycles or bicycles. The cleaning of vehicle windscreens for safety reasons is acceptable. Blatant disregard of this reasonable request will incur a £10.00 surcharge.

Drones (Photographic or otherwise), Remote Controlled Aeroplanes/Helicopters:

In the interest of privacy, safety and the quiet enjoyment of all guests on the Park, these are not permitted to be used in any area of the Park.

Day Visitors:

For security reasons, all visitors MUST report to Reception before joining you and to sign in with their names and vehicle details. There is a charge per person plus a charge for each additional car. Charges are as per the tariff board located in reception. All guests must park their vehicle at reception and are not permitted to stay beyond 10:00 pm.

Security & Data Protection

We record all registration numbers for security purposes. CCTV is in operation on this site for crime prevention and for your safety.

OFFICE HOURS: 8.30AM – 5.30PM.   Tel: (01395) 514303.   LATE WARDEN: 5:30PM – 8:15PM.

Download a PDF copy of our Terms and Conditions here.

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